How to better bad days [Self-care ideas for a bad day]

Self-care ideas for a bad day

Could a list of self-care ideas for a bad day shift how you usually experience bad days?

Now you can’t stop bad days from happing, but you can get comfortable having them, and train yourself to manage them more wisely, fact.

Self-care doesn’t only exist for bad days; it is supposed to be an everyday thing. However, the days when you feel super exhausted, lost, and not motivated are the days when you should prioritize self-care over all other life aspects.

So many bad days in a short period of time may indicate that there is some area of your life calling for extra attention. But at times, it may mean that you simply need to stop to have a comfy rest.

Here is how you can make bad days tolerable through paying attention to yourself and the use of mindful self-care practices.

Avoid being trapped in the one self-care category

Taking a shower and doing an at-home facial is self-care but also writing in your journal about how you feel is another form of self-care. The first is an act of physical self-care, whereas the second is a form of emotional self-care.

To start with, deciding what is the best self-care practice that is going to make you feel better during a bad day or even help your long run thriving happen when you quiet the noise around and listen to yourself without producing judgments you are probably aren’t aware of.

As important as listening to your emerging needs, balancing and nourishing each area related to you is essential to keep you balanced and sane.

Types of self-care are a lot! Each comes with its welfares. So the next time you opt for self-care, stop falling into the one zone of physical self-care.

Yes, it is important to look after your appearances, but you are more than just that.

Approach self-care with a deeper awareness

Self-care ideas for a bad day

Saying that self-care isn’t only limited to your appearances, being aware of each part of you that needs nourishment will make your self-care choices much effective.

If you use a zoom button to look at the word self-care, you will find many categories where you can list your practices.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

Physical self-care

This is when you choose to look after your body, whether internally through a healthy diet and exercising or externally through your skin-care routine and caring for your hair and skin.

Emotional self-care

You practice emotional self-care when you accept your emotions the way they are. It also includes reaching yourself with kindness, being okay with your mistakes, and taking full responsibility for them.

Spatial self-care

Like all other self-care categories, spatial self-care is of a huge impact on your well-being, productivity, and happiness. This area of self-care comprises having a comfortable, clean, and relaxing surrounding that serves you to feel your best.

Be consistent with your self-care

Self-care during bad days

Knowing about the importance of self-care and not putting it into practice isn’t going to make your bad days better or change how you experience a bad day. It is the doing that does.

You may have a passion for self-care, but you had never been consistent with the practice. To stick to a self-care routine and make it a habit, you need to identify your barriers and free up space and time for yourself.

The following two actions may help.

First, write down the possible reasons and the limiting believes you hold about self-care. An example of some negative believes is the thought that self-care is selfish, expensive, or needs plenty of time which is not true.

Second, free up time for the practice or attach it to things you already do so that it becomes easier to implement the new habit.

Writing down the positive impacts of being committed to self-care might also support.

Every time you choose self-care and free up time and space for it is an investment that reinforces the use of the habit.

Manage bad days smartly

Going through bad days is tough and uncomfortable. Actually, bad days could sometimes be crazy, out of control, and fool you of being a failure!

A bad day looks different for everyone. You could call it bad because you feel super busy, frustrated, and stressed out; I could experience a bad day because I was expecting a certain thing to happen but just didn’t; somebody else may feel it’s a bad day because they feel lost, tired, or that they are stuck at some point and can’t move ahead.

Even though it’s key to know why you consider or think a day is bad, what it’s more important is how you train yourself to manage it smartly and effectively. This is exactly the role of having a list of self-care ideas for a bad day, prepared for such times when you have no time or energy to think about what you should be doing to relieve yourself!

Prepare self-care ideas for a bad day list

Here are some self-care ideas for a bad day to copy from or use as an inspiration to create your own:

  • Brush your hair
  • Polish your nails
  • Take a long shower
  • Moisturize your full body
  • Scrub full body
  • Do a facial
  • Put on a nourishing hair mask
  • Try a guided meditation
  • Journal
  • Dance
  • Listen to a self-care audiobook
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Cook or order your favorite mail
  • Prepare your favorite drink
  • Set in the sun
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Look at photos of beautiful memories
  • Do some aromatherapy
  • Light candles
  • Breathe deeply
  • Smile to yourself in the mirror
  • Hug yourself
  • Affirm calming statements
  • Stop judging yourself
  • Stop blaming yourself
  • Listen to inspirational Ted talks
  • Reach for a friend
  • Enjoy doing nothing
  • Watch a comedian movie
  • Write down what makes you happy
  • Go through and rewrite your goals
  • Practice an old hobby
  • Decluttler your surroundings

Each one on the list takes 15 minutes or less to complete. Still believing you need plenty of time to be persistent with self-care!

How do you usually handle bad days? And were these ideas of any benefit to you?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.  

Also, if interested to grow your awareness even more about self-care you may grab one of these Self-care books.

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4 thoughts on “How to better bad days [Self-care ideas for a bad day]

  1. Ooh, the suggestions of analysing your limiting beliefs? That’s a good one! I definitely had to overcome a lot of misconceptions I had about self-care before I could truly make it a daily practice. Shifting my mindset around self-care took time, but it was worth it!

    1. Thanks Adriana! Yeah, mindset is one huge barrier to being committed to self-care. I do agree, it is worth it 🙂 Time and Effort!

  2. Self-care is one of my favorite topics to talk about! This is a great list of tips for the days when you just are struggling and can’t do some of your normal self-care ideas. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

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